TS2508 Smart Solar Powered Refuge Island Beacon

The only Patented Solar Powered Refuge Beacon (UK patent number GB2519445) that is simply bolted on top of a pole and no mains power or cabling is required.

The TS2508 Smart was introduced in January 2021. It has been designed for reliable off-grid installation, using state of the art extreme low power (XLP) components which provide ultra-low power consumption, extreme high performance, longer life and improved reliability. This has resulted in us extending the length of warranty at no extra cost.


  • Lithium lead free, environmentally friendly battery that can be recharged 3,000 times compared to only 500 times for lead batteries.
  • Proprietary Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller with charge profile designed specifically for TS2508 beacon battery. This combination is twice as efficient as conventional (PWM) chargers and lead batteries which provides even longer autonomy.
  • Our amazing patented “Ambient Light Sensor” (ALS) technology which varies the beacon bulbs brightness to the external ambient light level as perceived by the human eye in both daylight and night conditions (not just auto dimming at night).
  • OSRAM LED bulb (L80/B10 certification of life expectancy of the LED’s to 100,000 hours).
  • Automatically operates dusk to dawn throughout the year.
  • Vandal proof high UV resistant polyethylene globe & enclosure top, minimum wipe clean required.
  • All metal parts are upgraded to aluminum which will prevent rust and has created a reduction in the weight.
  • Weight of complete unit including batteries is just under 6kg which makes it even easier to install and no necessity to use expensive cherry pickers.
  • Complies with IP54, EMC (BS EN55032) and CE standards.
  • Zero energy consumption and CO2 emissions following installation
  • Cost effective replacement for faulty mains beacons e.g. due to cable faults

N.B. We request that all customers to check that visibility east to west looking to the south from the location you wish to install the beacons is unobstructed. This is important as the beacons operate on direct sunlight. If it is obstructed, we offer an additional TS2509 solar panel kit to overcome lack of sunlight. The TS2509 is also recommended for all locations north of 53.5° (Southport).