Ticknall Solar Ltd are a designer, manufacturer and distributor of Solar Powered road safety Warning lights based in South Derbyshire in the UK.

Our products can be purchased direct from us or through trade distributors e.g Edmundsons Electrical. Our beacons are often specified in refurbishment projects and new build projects alike. Customers and major projects include:

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, our beacons have been installed in the car parks of over 150 stores across the UK.

Heathrow World Freight Centre, 26 beacons installed 3 years ago.

Hinkley Point “C” Power Station, 30+ beacons have been installed around one of the largest construction sites in Europe.

Battersea Power Station Development Project, to-date 22 of our beacons have been installed at this prestigious development.

Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, 16 of our beacons have been installed and one of the largest treatment works.



Ticknall Solar Ltd is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its operations and activities on the environment. We aim to reduce environmental harm, minimise the use of energy and other resources throughout our business activity.

We will strive to:

  • Comply with the requirements of all environmental legislation.
  • Assess the environmental effects of all business operations.
  • Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees.
  • Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.
  • Actively promote recycling internally to staff and externally to customers and suppliers.
  • Conserve natural resources through increased energy efficiency.
  • Manage waste and avoiding the use of hazardous substances.
  • Implement the use of recycled materials where appropriate.
  • Prevent and reduce pollution by implementing efficient control procedures to monitor and manage materials and processes that impact on the environment.
  • Make our Environmental Policy publicly available to interested parties.
  • Continually seek to improve environmental performance.
  • Monitor progress and review performance annually.

We all have a responsibility for working in an environmentally friendly manner, therefore our policies and procedures with be regularly reviewed to reflect this. Delivering our operational plans within this policy will enable Ticknall Solar Ltd to develop sustainable practices and deliver meaningful contributions to the quality of our environment.


Battery Recycling

Did you know that each year in the UK we throw away around 600 million batteries? Laid end to end these batteries would reach from the UK to Australia and back again. That is a lot of batteries!!

Furthermore, according to Directgov, over 12,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided if the country can meet its target of recycling at least 45 per cent of batteries by 2016. Our UK target for 2012 is 25{186ef66392c4c6c22c065cebb185c672c19db1ce471151e50ae461e954ec9f5f}. As at 2009, approximately only 3{186ef66392c4c6c22c065cebb185c672c19db1ce471151e50ae461e954ec9f5f} of all household batteries are currently recycled in the UK.

Batteries can be found in every room in the house. They’re used in toys, remote controls, mobile phones, alarm clocks and even doorbells. In fact, every person in Britain uses about 10 batteries a year!

Most batteries are put into rubbish bins and then taken to landfill sites. There are lots of types of batteries which can contain dangerous chemicals (including lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium and even mercury).

When batteries begin to rot away in landfill sites these chemicals may leak into the ground which can cause soil and water pollution. This can be harmful to animals, humans and the environment.

Recycling is a great way to help protect the environment. Each battery placed in the recycling bin will be taken apart and the materials will be used to make something new.

Recycling Banks have been set up all over the country to help us achieve our targets as well as recycle bins being placed in every large supermarket or retails store selling over 32kg of portable batteries per year. Please visit www.recycle-more.co.uk to learn more about recycling your old batteries. Click on their ‘Bank Locator’ and type in your post code to find your nearest recycle centre.

A waste battery take-back facility is now available at our premises for anyone who wishes to hand in their old or used batteries. Please note, old or used batteries should NOT be posted back to us. You will find our address on the contact us page.