The UK’s largest manufacturer solar belisha beacons & solar pedestrian crossing beacons, over 2,700 installations in the UK and Ireland.

TICKNALL SOLAR LTD DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE A RANGE OF PATENTED SOLAR POWERED WARNING LIGHTS FOR ENHANCING PEDESTRIAN AND ROAD USER SAFETY. OVER 2,700 UNITS SOLD THROUGHOUT THE UK AND IRELAND. Our solar powered products offer a low maintenance, zero energy and a carbon free solution. As no expensive mains cabling and trenching is required the total cost of the installation is considerably reduced compared to the installation of mains beacons and provides an environmentally friendly result. The beacons can be installed at any location that has access to direct sunlight. For sites that do have limited access to sunlight we do offer a simple to install TS2509 additional solar panel kit which resolves most lack of direct sunlight issues.

Our Products

TS2300 Ultra High Visibility Belisha Beacon

The patented TS2300 Ultimate High Visibility Belisha Beacon (HVCB) significantly improves the visibility of a belisha beacon in all types of weather as well as day and night light conditions. It also has many more unique features at a very competitive price compared to existing high visibility beacons.

TS2506 Smart Solar Belisha Beacon

The only patented Solar Powered Pedestrian Crossing Beacon that is simply bolted on the top of a pole and no mains or cabling is required.

TS2508 Smart Solar Refuge Beacon

The only patented Solar Powered Refuge Beacon that is simply bolted on the top of a pole and no mains or cabling is required.

Super LED Bardic Lights

Our 3 and 4 colour super LED bardic lamps which are essential for rail and tram operatives. They are rugged, lightweight and offer excellent performance and value for money.


Ticknall Solar Ltd are proud to announce that the UKIPO have granted us patent number GB2519445 Director Phil Mitchell stated: “we have developed this product over 10 years and have upgraded the beacon every two years as new technology becomes available. Our partnership with Osram LED has enabled us to have access to the most advanced LED’s with maximum lumens/power ratio along with longevity that could only be dreamed of 5 years ago. We have developed a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller which is over 50% more efficient than the traditional PWM charge controllers. The MPPT was incorporated this with Lithium battery technology which has a 5 times greater charge cycle life, weighs less than a sixth of the weight of traditional lead acid battery. This substantial weight reduction is a significant advantage to installers and negates the necessity of having to use expensive cherry pickers”


Ticknall Solar are proud to announce the UKIPO have granted us patent number GB2549455 for the technology and design in the TS2300 High Visibility Beacon which was launched in July 2018. Using the latest technology this beacon has an array of cutting edge features including: Auto synchronisation of the light flash sequence with other beacons. This makes the beacons even more visible looks very impressive when there a number of pedestrian crossings on a single road. Our patented Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) which varies the beacons light levels both day and night as the ambient light varies. (not just a day/night sensor) This eliminates LED glare distraction at night and particularly in wet weather. The TS2300 is very competitively priced compared to other high visibility belisha beacons which have none of the TS2300’s advanced features. Thus, making it the he safest and most economical high visibility belisha beacon on the market.

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