Ticknall Solar Ltd are pleased to anounce the UKIPO have granted patent number GB2519445 for the power management control technology we created that enabled a Solar Belisha Beacon to operate 24/7. Factory Manager Melissa Tate stated: ” We are proud of how we have developed this product and we have upgraded the beacon every two years as new technology becomes available. In particular our partnership with Osram LED has enabled us to have access to the most advanced LED’s with maximum lumens/power ratio along with longevity that could only be dreamed of 5 years ago. We have developed a solar charge controller which is 54{186ef66392c4c6c22c065cebb185c672c19db1ce471151e50ae461e954ec9f5f} more efficient than PWM controllers and we have incorporated this with Lithium battery techology which has a longer cycle life and more enviromentaly friendly than lead acid batteries.  All new designs are are subjected to rigorous testing for over 1 year before being released into production.”

Ticknall Solar takes infringements of its IP extremely seriously. Its patent is covered by an insurance policy that will fund legal action against any third party that copies its technology.